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COVID-19: Why right now is a great time to acquire project management skills

There’s a lot that can be said about this moment in history. In fact, for a large part of the global population, we’ve never witnessed a year like this one (2020). Specifically, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the global economy on its head, causing such economic upheaval as has not been witnessed on this scale in decades.

Every country right now is either struggling to navigate their way through the persisting healthcare crises brought on by COVID-19, or cautiously navigating their way through rebooting their economies safely.

For businesses in almost every sector, the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been downright punishing. Layoffs, closedowns, and bankruptcies have been rife but still, the uncertainty persists.

The future right now seems uncertain but there is one firm certainty in all of this. No, I’m not about to reveal the source of the COVID-19 virus (I wish I knew).

The world has changed significantly through all of this and is still changing. We are adapting to what has been dubbed the new normal – a world driven by technology. Businesses that survive will need to adapt. Economies will rebuild and that is the certainty I speak of.

It is without question – the world is going to need to rebuild its way to economic recovery. That’s how we’ve recovered from every economic crash. That’s how the greatest economies in history have been built. And that means PROJECTS.

Beyond rebuilding our way back to strong economic growth, we would need to build smarter with lesser resources, and changing environmental conditions.

It does not take a soothsayer to understand that project management will be an in-demand skill in the near-to-medium term, more so than it is currently.

For anyone looking to get into project management, there is no better time to skill up. For practicing project management professionals, this is the time to get more comfortable with technology.

With smart management, the global will recover bigger and better, and businesses that survive will bounce back. Project managers will be there to guide the world through this recovery.

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